Considering A-Level Maths?

Are you predicted a grade 7 or higher in GCSE maths? Do you enjoy maths and in particular algebra? Then it may be worth considering taking A-Level Maths!

A-Level Maths is a 2 year course split into 3 strands of maths – Pure, Mechanics, and Statistics.

Pure Mathematics is heavily algebra focused and will build upon topics you know from GCSE such as surds, equations of lines and circles, and functions. You will be introduced to calculus with differentiation and integration and these will form a core part of the course. Strong algebra skills will heavily benefit you and those who enjoy algebra will find A-Level Maths full of great problems to solve.

Mechanics applies maths to the real world in lots of problems related to Physics, again building upon foundations from GCSE. You will look at forces, SUVAT, and projectiles amongst other topics. Drawing and understanding diagrams is key here in allowing you to apply the correct formulas. This section of the course will really help alongside any Physics or Engineering A-Levels as there is quite a lot of overlap.

In the Statistics part of the course you will look at how data is collected and then how it can be modelled to give useful results. Lots of this will be familiar to you as you extend your knowledge of histograms, averages, and probability and new topics of distributions and hypothesis testing will be explored.

The Maths A-Level is examined at the end of the two years with 3 exams. 2 of the exams are based on the pure content and the third exam is split between mechanics and statistics.

If you really enjoy Maths there is also the option to take A Level Further Maths where you explore more pure, mechanics, and statistics topics as well as some decision maths. This is a vital A-Level for those of you wanting to study Maths at University and highly recommended if you are looking to study Physics or Engineering as these are heavily maths based.


We tutor Maths to students from primary age up to A-Level, so if you’re interested, get in touch with us here.