Meet Rebecca K

Hey, I’m Rebecca!

I tutor primary-aged students in English and Maths.

I love tutoring as it means that I get to build strong relationships with many different students and help them to grow and flourish. It is a very different experience to being a class teacher as I get to know exactly what works for each individual student and how best to help them.

I am very flexible in my approach to tutoring as sometimes certain things just do not work. What works for one student is not necessarily going to work for another and it really is about the individual. I love to make my sessions fun and interactive as I want to engage my students and I want them to leave their session with a sense of achievement and confidence in their abilities.

And some other important questions… 

  • What’s your background? I was lucky enough to go to King Alfred’s College in Winchester to study a BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS to become a primary school teacher. I then went onto teach a Reception/Year 1 class with many differing needs in a very deprived area. I later became a supply teacher, which meant I worked with a variety of schools across the primary school phases. I then decided I would go travelling. I spent most of the time in Western Australia which is where I got to experience teaching in outback schools and radio school.  I then returned to the UK and got a teaching job in a lovely school where I worked for several years. I now work as a part-time class teacher and tutor.
  • What’s in your fridge? My fridge contains an assortment of fruit and vegetables, along with different types of cheese and the odd packet of chocolate as I need something occasionally sweet to keep me going.
  • What are your hobbies? I love to walk as I am lucky enough to live in the countryside and have access to some great places which are right on my doorstep. Whilst out walking, I love to take in all the things around me. I also love to bake and try all sorts of different recipes. My family are my biggest critics, and it has taken a long time to perfect my lemon drizzle cake to my mum’s standards!
  • What is a fun fact about you? I grew up on a farm in rural Gloucestershire, where I learnt to drive tractors from a very early age, and I have helped deliver many baby animals over time. I sometimes still help now and again with the milking and with lambing.