Meet Will

Hey, I’m Will!

I tutor Maths and Physics to GCSE and A Level students of all abilities.

I tutor because I want to help all students gain confidence and genuine interest in the sciences. I want to provide the support and extra push that so many students need to take them to the next level of understanding and enjoying these difficult – but rewarding – subjects.

I like to keep students engaged by asking them questions which rely on their understanding and implementation of concepts we have covered. I enjoy building up to complicated topics from the basic first principles to provide them with a robust understanding that can be most useful for problem solving. As an engineering student, I like to discuss with students how the areas we cover are being used in the real world, especially at the cutting edges of whatever fields spark their interest.

And some other important questions… 

  • What’s your background?After completing my GCSEs and A Levels, I began studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Southampton. I have just finished my third year of an integrated masters degree course. During my studies, I have worked with teams of students, academics, and industry experts on various design projects including a satellite, a wind turbine, and a bioreactor for the cultivation of bone implants from stem cells. I have also completed my dissertation on superhydrophobic surfaces.I have a growing interest in software development and have used numerous programming languages to assist me with projects including the design and optimisation of a race-car spoiler. This year, I will be spending time working as an intern for software engineering companies, ideally in the artificial intelligence sector.

    My interest in the sciences is continually growing, and I love seeing concepts that I have studied in theory be applied to real life to solve real problems. After university, I would love to work in the energy sector, specifically with renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

  • What’s in your fridge? Lots of fruit and vegetables! I like to keep some frozen fruit in my freezer for smoothies.

  • What are your hobbies? I play football at university and have been playing since I was very young. I also like to surf, and I train various martial arts. I like to read during my downtime, especially science, history, and literature. I also enjoy studying and playing chess.
  • What is a fun fact about you? On my last holiday, I was stung by two jellyfish in one week!