Our Story

Meet Sophie.

Founder, Smiler and Chief Maths Tutor!

She’s also the one behind Tutor In A Box!

Following a numbers degree at university, Sophie worked as a statistics consultant for a few years in London. Despite being successful, she never really felt it was her calling…

“During university, many of my summers were spent outdoors working at Camp America, Au-Pairing and running holidays camps in the UK. I loved being outside, having fun and generally being a child – which didn’t necessarily always fit with sitting still in an office all day checking statistical models!”

Fast forward a few years and Sophie decided to mix her love of summer camps with her number skills. So, she put her mind to do something different. First of all, working in the education sector, and then for a charity. 


…whilst working as a maths tutor, Sophie realised that so many GCSE students needed help and she truly believes that everyone should be able to do Maths. After sharing her idea and convincing others around her of her vision, the journey began to make it a reality.

“I knew there had to be a better way to reach students who were either struggling, or wanted to push to the next level. After hours of brainstorming, researching and testing, Tutor In A Box was born! I’m so proud of the amazing feedback it has received, and am looking forward to be being able to help more GCSE students who want, need or deserve it.”

Sophie is now an award-winning tutor – winning ‘Educator Of The Year’ in 2019 and running both group sessions and individual tuition for small and big people alike in Warwickshire.

Sophie is also the person who runs the monthly live trainings. With her bags of energy and enthusiasm, she is able to explain a different topic in 30 – 60 minutes to students and answer questions in a way that students can understand and relate to.

You can find out more about Sophie’s tutoring by clicking the tutoring heading of the website.

Alternatively, why not upgrade and receive personalised 1-1 tuition? You can see for yourself the style of her upbeat teaching!