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Tutor in a box benefits

6 or 12 month subscription package to Tutor In A Box: Described as ‘game changing’ by parents, our award winning educational resources are packed full of engaging and interactive activities to make learning fun. With versions available in both Maths and English it’s flexible and convenient, with our boxes being delivered directly to your door on a monthly basis. We’ll provide you with the tools and support so you can do what you do best – support your child.

  • A flexible approach to home learning.
  • Allows for ‘small and often’ learning without overwhelming or confusing the student.
  • Gives parents, tutors and teachers the confidence to supplement what’s being taught in the classroom in a fun way.
  • Suitable for both primary and secondary students
  • Available in either Maths or English


If you’d like more details on what topics are coming up for the next 6 – 12 months, please get in touch.


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What's inside Tutor In A Box?

We’ve carefully gone through the curriculum, and in each box we are focusing on a particular topic that will be covered in your GCSE maths exam. The worksheets have lots of questions for you to work through at your own pace. It starts easy, with some examples to get you going and gets harder towards the end. Depending on what kind of challenge you want, you can do some, all or most of the questions. (We hope you’ll do most of them!) Of course, a whole load of questions is rather boring, and not very useful if you don’t understand the topic. Fear not, there’s also guidance notes and explanations for each topic.

To prove how much fun maths can be we include a numbers based game in each months box. Instructions will accompany the box and the game could cover any maths topic – right from times tables to algebra. The game usually has an element of competitiveness (everyone loves a little bit of a competition now and again!) and involves multiple people (so this is one to play with your parents or your friend).

Little and often. Those are the three magic words when it comes to exam success! Learning (like a lot of things in life) is much better practised in small chunks – 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there each day is much much much better than doing it once a week all in one go.
Therefore, we’ve created this wonderful calendar for you. We think that when you break work down it makes it a whole lot easier so we want you to try a question each and every day. The questions aren’t long – they may take you as little as a minute! The most important thing is to be doing some each day to practice.

We’re here to support you so our free Facebook group will be available 24/7 for additional help, or feedback, and to share your own experiences with other Tutor in a Box customers.

"What is the live webinar training?"

Included in your subscription is access to the LIVE monthly webinar and prerecorded videos for additional support and guidance. This will give you the ultimate support for the month’s Tutor In A Box contents and virtual tutoring; you just need a computer/device and a decent internet connection! Using an online platform, you be able to watch the month’s training LIVE, ask questions, and speak directly to our Tutor In A Box tutor. Webinars take place on the second Tuesday of each month at 5pm. Details for the webinar (including log-in details and schedule) will be sent to the registered email address after ordering.

Who can benefit from Tutor In A Box?


Tutor In A Box will:
• improve your confidence in solving and answering questions
• help you become more confident with numbers
• put into practice what you learn in maths lessons
• show you how and why maths is important in everyday life.


Tutor In A Box can:
• give your child the tools they need to succeed at maths
• improve your child's grades
• help you to support your child and watch their confidence grow
• encourage family time by using the games and activities from the box.


Tutor In A Box is designed to:
• supplement the curriculum work done in the classroom
• encourage students to do maths outside of lessons
• improve confidence and maths ability in students
• nurture an enjoyment for the subject.

What about the Curriculum?

Tutor In A Box is carefully aligned to the national curriculum – which is the standard set by government determining what subject and content is taught. All our boxes are designed with the syllabus in mind, meaning they are designed to aid teaching and learning for students. Each box cover the main topics so that over the course of 12 months, all topics are covered in line with the curriculum.

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