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Tutor In A Box Primary: Described as ‘game changing’ by parents, our award winning educational resources are packed full of engaging and interactive activities to make learning fun. With versions available in both Maths and English it’s flexible and convenient, with our boxes being delivered directly to your door on a monthly basis. We’ll provide you with the tools and support so you can do what you do best – support your child.

  • A flexible approach to home learning, specially designed to improve understanding and increase grades.
  • Allows for ‘small and often’ learning without overwhelming or confusing students.
  • Fun, engaging and interactive resources.
  • Gives parents, tutors and teachers the confidence to supplement what’s being taught in the classroom in a fun way.
  • Click here to compare Tutor In A Box to a private tutoring session.

We like surprises! Therefore, we’ll pick a topic for you based on the subject and age group. If you want to ensure you cover all the topics, please subscribe or purchase a 6 or 12 month subscription.

Suitable for students at all ages in Primary School.


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What is the tens column, and how is it different to the hundreds column? We'll explain the value of different digits and how they make up numbers!


Long division a little scary? After using this, you'll be able to understand and ace any multiplication or division question!


Can you subtract two numbers? What happens if the first number is smaller than the second? We'll explain the column method as well as negative numbers!


Here we cover the all important terminology - what denominators, numerators and KFC means (and it's not Kentucky Fried Chicken)! We show you how to divide, multiply, add and subtract fractions; before the final step of converting mixed numbers to improper fractions (and back again)!


Wondering what cm means on a ruler? We cover how we measure things - and look at length, weight and capacity of objects.


Confused about the numbers on a clock? Here we cover how to tell the time, how to know whether it's quarter past or quarter to and work out the difference in time.


Is a 2D shape something you can stack or something you can roll? You'll learn all about different types of shapes - such as how many vertices it has, or if it has any lines of symmetry.


Knowing whether 100 pence of 100 pounds is worth more is a useful thing! We cover changing amounts from pence to pounds as well as playing with all the different coins!

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Maths, English

Year Group

Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6