maths & english tuition

We’ve all been there – a blank look on our face saying they may as well be speaking a different language. Teachers are busy, we know that. And with 30 students in a class, they can’t always give your child the specific help they need.

If you want your child to have that extra bit of support, to ensure they achieve their best, get in touch. Sometimes we need it explained in a different way, someone to show us how to do it again, or simply someone to encourage us to practice.

That’s where we can help. We help people get to grips with numbers and words in a fun and engaging way so they can understand it once and for all – after all, we reckon they’re pretty useful things! Whether it’s a primary school student understanding shapes and letters or a GCSE student understanding Trigonometry or Macbeth, we provide a safe and positive environment for them to learn. 

We provide different options to help you invest in your child’s future ensuring they not only grow in knowledge, but also in confidence.

Help them grow in confidence and ability.

clean dbs

Every tutor has a clean DBS checked and renewed every year, for peace of mind.

award winning

Head tutor Sophie is an award-winning tutor, having won Educator of the Year at Pride of Stratford-upon-Avon Awards 2019.

experienced tutors

All our tutors have plenty of experience working with children and young people and are passionate about their subject.

1st class degree

We're proud to say all our tutors are university educated, having achieved (or working towards) a relevant degree. Sophie, head tutor, holds a 1st Class Maths degree.

Choose the perfect Tutor In A Box plan

We’ll explain the concepts in easy-to-understand ways, providing you with support and guidance to enable you to achieve your best.

We tutor before school, after school and at the weekend.
We use hands-on and practical activities to demonstrate the topics…



  • Through the post tuition resources
  • Online resources and pre-recorded webinars



  • Face-to-face group tuition every week
  • 60 minutes group sessions with a Maths or English tutor.
  • Online resources and pre-recorded webinars



  • Face-to-face 1-1 tuition every week
  • 4 x 60 min personalised 1-1 sessions with Maths or English tutor.
  • Online resources and pre-recorded webinars​

what others say

"Sophie is a great maths tutor. She makes maths fun, builds confidence, and rewards progress. The monthly newsletter and tips are really useful and my daughter is feeling so much more confident in her maths lessons at school as a result of Sophie’s teaching. She sets manageable homework for daily maths development. Highly recommend."
"We love the boxes and think they are fab. The explanatory sheets are really helpful because as parents we were taught a different way so they're useful to provide that insight on how things are taught now. The calendars are brilliant."
"My daughter was struggling with GCSE maths, Sophie was able to make learning maths fun again and from the very first session the difference in her understanding was apparent ... A** is in the bag!"
"Sophie is amazing and a born teacher. She's so enthusiastic! My daughters both absolutely love her and completely looked forward to their maths lessons, which they certainly hadn't before meeting her. Seeing their enthusiasm for maths grow so much has been a huge unexpected bonus. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sophie to anyone considering maths tutoring."
"Martha is a great tutor and she is a lovely person and David enjoys every single class."
"My daughter is having tuition with Sophie to help with the big leap from GCSE to A Level Maths. Sophie is full of enthusiasm, explains things simply and clearly and is making a huge difference. I wish I'd had a Maths teacher like her when I was younger!"