Why NOT to work with us

There are tons of reasons why you might choose to work with us, but we thought we’d flip things around and talk about the top reasons school leaders choose NOT to work with us!

If you’re looking for any of the following, then we won’t be a good fit:

  • You want a ‘pre-set’ programme of lessons to be taught – If you’re looking for all your students to follow a pre-designed or pre-set scheme of work that’s the same for everyone, we’re not for you. Each and every one of our lessons is bespoke. That means that each of our lessons are planned and delivered on a personalised basis, according to the needs of that student (or in a group lesson, students). We don’t believe that “one size fits all” so none of our lessons run like that. Think highly bespoke, highly personalised lessons, based on the needs of your student(s). That doesn’t suit all schools though, so if you’re wanting the same programme, with the same content, delivered in exactly the same way to each and every student, we’re not for you!

  • You want as many students in a group as possible – Whilst the NTP programme allows funding for up to 6 students per group, we only work with up to 3 students per group (or on the very rare occasion, we’ve previously allowed 4 students in a group). So, if you’re a school that’s looking to get as many students in a group as possible, we’re not for you! Why? We believe in high quality. We’ve found that when there are 6 students in a lesson, it becomes more like a classroom and less like personalised tuition. The best lessons for us are when we can give the students the attention and teaching they deserve to ensure they reach their full potential – and we think that happens best in very small groups. Not all schools want small groups, so if you’re looking for the maximum number of students you can squish into a group, we’re not a good fit!

  • You want the absolute cheapest – There are no two ways about it, if you’re looking for the cheapest (and are willing to sacrifice quality to save a few pennies), we’re not for you. However, we’re definitely not the most expensive either; we’re ranked firmly “in the middle” of the price bracket. Other organisations (for example those who use overseas tutors based in a different country) are of course going to be cheaper. We pride ourselves on having awesome UK staff who care deeply about our students. Since the large majority of our team are qualified teachers, we pay them what we hope is a fair wage, which is reflected in our prices. Of course, if you want the absolute cheapest, then there are other providers who can help.

  • You want every subject to be taught – If you’re looking for tuition for Geography, History, French, Spanish, German, Latin, Philosophy or anything else, we’re not for you! Our tuition is solely based on three subjects: Maths (or Numeracy as it’s called at Primary), English (or Literacy) and Science. We think these subjects are the gateway to a student’s future, so we focus specifically on these. If you’re a school who wants a tuition company to teach every subject, we’re not for you!

  • You hate post – If you don’t like receiving things in the post, please don’t choose us! We send welcome cards to our students, we send certificates on completion and for our teachers we’ve been known to send flowers and coffee. We like bright yellow envelopes and we’ve been known to send them regularly. So, if you’re a teacher or school who doesn’t want any goodies  winging their way to you in the post, we’re not for you!