" I can't thank you enough - her attitude towards her maths has massively improved!"
Primary Parent
"Sophie is amazing and a born teacher. She's so enthusiastic! My daughters both absolutely love her and completely looked forward to their maths lessons, which they certainly hadn't before meeting her. Seeing their enthusiasm for maths grow so much has been a huge unexpected bonus. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sophie to anyone considering maths tutoring."
Primary Parent
"They have gained so much confidence from their weekly sessions with Sophie and have also dramatically improved their grades - a welcome benefit! Most importantly, Sophie provides a fun, happy and relaxed environment in which the children can learn. They always leave each session with a sense of achievement and self belief, and for us, that’s the most important thing. Thanks Sophie!"
Primary Parent
Thank you, thank you for your daily maths tutoring. My son Henry looks forward to the structure of the regular 10am session. Trust me he’s not usually this keen on maths but your approach is positive, encouraging and works BRILLIANTLY with zoom. He always looks forward to them ... and trust me, that's a BIG thing! I think you’ve saved a little sanity for Henry and me!"
Secondary Parent

What do children think of our classes?

What do parents think of our classes?

"I dont know what you guys have done you have lit up a fire in him around maths, asking is it time yet, how many lessons can I have today, can I do more of them etc which is great to see. Todays lesson around decimals he was buzzing at the end of the session as he got a majority of them right and in quick time for him, he struggled with some of the fractions lessons the day before but he was determined to do it. He is no longer put off with the fact some of the work he has missed out on and is determined to catch up in his eyes. So a big thank you."
Secondary Parent
"Sophie is a great maths tutor. She makes maths fun, builds confidence, and rewards progress. The monthly newsletter and tips are really useful and my daughter is feeling so much more confident in her maths lessons at school as a result of Sophie’s teaching. She sets manageable homework for daily maths development. Highly recommend."
Secondary Parent
"Sophie is an excellent tutor! My daughter is in yr 10 and has always found maths a challenge, particularly with her dyslexia. However, in a very short space of time (a few weeks), of sessions with Sophie she has learnt so much that had been missed at primary school- basic fundamentals that are the building blocks for maths. Her confidence in maths has grown tremendously and her fear/brick wall when it comes to maths is diminishing beyond expectation. Sophie's style of tutoring is so positive, engaging and she makes maths easier to understand and fun! My daughter always comes out of her 1-1s with Sophie feeling positive and confident about maths. Comments from her such as "wow now I understand how to do...." and "really good session I can do this now..." etc. I highly recommend Sophie"
Secondary Parent
"My eldest son is attending the year 10 sessions and he's attended his first one tonight. He struggles massively for various reasons and he has come out this evening so enthusiastic about his session, first time he has genuinely been interested in talking about something around education! He's over the moon he has in just one session mastered something that has had him challenged for a few years. From going to him being in tears over maths at his last exams to him bouncing out pleased with himself tonight and looking forward to his next session!"
Secondary Parent