Vision and Mission

Who are we, what do we believe in and how do we work? 
Below you’ll find our vision and mission statements, providing an insight into what we want to achieve. 

“Our vision is for every student in the UK to pass their Maths and English GCSE exam first time.” 

We truly believe that with the right support, everyone is capable of passing their Maths and English GCSE exams. We therefore have a vision that guides us towards this. 

We want to empower students at every age to enjoy learning. We want them to be inspired to learn – and thereby they will choose to learn, rather than being forced to. We want students to become actively engaged in different subjects and interests. We will provide high quality tools and resources that will support students to do this. 

“Our mission is to make people feel good about education. We will inspire students to fulfill their potential by providing high quality, engaging resources.”