Box contents:

  • 100 exercise cards – 50 visual attention exercise cards and 50 auditory exercise cards
  •  Covers five basic learning areas: speech-language, reading, writing, performance and motor skills
  • Access code to access 100 worksheets providing additional ideas and extension tasks
  • £79.99 (includes P&p)

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We are thrilled to be the only English Distributor of Pozorko.

Available in either the Mini or Regular size, these cards are a teaching aid which can help children foster active attention, whilst also supporting the development of a child’s creativity.

The story of Pozorko is a curious child who has an insatiable appetite for life. By careful observation and active listening, he absorbs knowledge, explores the unknown and looks forward to unexpected challenges. He is ready for adventures as he is creative and independent. He relishes every moment and looks into the future with optimism. You too can experience this with Pozorko.