What’s a Franchise?

A franchise is basically a flexible, rewarding business that belongs to you! Buying a franchise with Tutor In A Box allows you to set up a business within the framework of an award-winning established organisation using a recognised brand name and trademarks. You’ll need to be committed to building it up but you’ll be your own boss! We are looking for people who have the drive and commitment to run and grow their own business rather than just work as a tutor. It’s important to us that every franchisee is able to offer our tuition services to the high standard that parents, carers and schools expect.

I’m interested in a Franchise …


What wonderful news! We’re on a very exciting journey and we’ve recently launched our pilot franchise. If you’re passionate about education and want to run your own business (both tutoring and earning money on your own terms), then this is the option for you. Simply click the green button below and we’ll send you an email with some more info and arrange a time to chat.