Free Live Lessons

Free Group Maths Sessions

We’re running FREE Live Maths Lessons to help students with their education.


We will be running these lessons starting Tuesday 3rd August at 10:00 AM.

Our daily lessons are online, ran in real time on a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 10:00 AM by an award-winning Maths tutor. 

Fully aligned to the national curriculum, all sessions are fully interactive with students able to respond to questions, vote in polls and ask the tutor questions!

Tuesday’s are aimed at children in Year 5/6, Wednesday’s are aimed at those in Year 7/8 and Thursday’s are for Year 9/10. However, these are just the suggested age ranges, come along to any that are suitable!

Simply click on the buttons below to register for the lessons.

What’s it all about?

We’re running fee live lessons to help students with their education. These daily lessons are online, ran in real time each morning by award-winning tutors. Education and learning in a FUN and interactive way is so important to us! So everything we do is based on making learning enjoyable and engaging, regardless of your age or ability. All our lessons are fun and interactive, to make sure students not only learn, but also enjoy learning too!

When are they?

Lessons will start on Tuesday 3rd August at 10:00 AM and will be ran for the next 2 weeks . All lessons are fully aligned to the national curriculum with the suggested year groups in brackets. They will run on a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning starting at 10:00 AM and lasting 30-minutes each. Tuesday’s are aimed at children in Year 5/6, Wednesday’s are aimed at those in Year 7/8 and Thursday’s are for Year 9/10.

Can students see each other?

No, students can join anonymously. Although students will see the tutor, students do not have their camera or microphone on during the lesson. All questions are sent to the tutor through a dedicated question panel on Zoom (students are absolutely encouraged to interact and ask questions throughout the lesson!). 

Who runs them?

Lessons will be ran by Head Tutor and founder Sophie Parker. She holds a first class maths degree and has extensive experience working and tutoring children. She of course holds a valid and clean DBS Certificate. 

Are they really free?

Yes! As a small business in Warwickshire, we’ve put these lessons on as we feel it is the right thing to do for our community. There is no charge to you or your school (as a business we cover the cost of the lessons ourselves). All we ask is that in the future should you or someone you know be looking for tuition; you mention our name and see if we can help! 

How do I join?

Lessons will be ran on Zoom, places for Zoom are limited and can be booked by clicking the booking links above. 

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

clean dbs

DBS checked and renewed every year, for peace of mind.

award winning

Head tutor Sophie is an award-winning tutor, having won Educator of the Year at Pride of Stratford-upon-Avon Awards 2019.

experienced tutor

Over 8 years of tutoring experience, teaching children from 8 years old to GCSE level.

1st class maths degree

Sophie, head tutor, holds a 1st Class Maths degree.

what others say

"He genuinely enjoyed the group lesson this morning despite having misgivings about signing him up for more work! Thank you, what a great idea."
"She said you're the best teacher ever! She won't listen to me but she seems to really love the classes with you each morning!"
"She really enjoyed her first session today. Thank you!"
"I wasn't quite sure what it would be like 'online' but I'm so grateful you encouraged us to try it out. We're now booked in for each morning and he was even at his computer Saturday morning practicing. "
"He's really enjoying the live classes each day - thank you for making them so engaging."
"Just a note to say he is still enjoying the Maths sessions, thank you for helping him every day."