Meet Hermione

Hey, I’m Hermione!

I tutor Science and Maths to students from Year 6 all the way up to and including Year 13.

I find the process of learning really interesting, and so rewarding when someone has that, “Oh, I get it!” moment.

I began tutoring when my sister struggled with her GCSE preparations during COVID-19, so I bought a big whiteboard for us to go through her Science and Maths and I made creative ways for her to memorise different concepts: I reworded popular songs to memorise physics equations and used funny mnemonics that were personalised to her interests, making it easier for her to memorise.

When tutoring, it’s important to know a child’s own way of learning and adapt to that, which could mean anything from making up songs to funny acronyms; it’s all about making learning enjoyable and personalised to each person!

And some other important questions… 

  • What’s your background? I took A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Spanish, and am currently an undergraduate at Cardiff University, studying an integrated masters in Chemistry.
  • What’s in your fridge? Lots of fruit, especially red grapes and oranges! There’s also some halloumi as I love throwing halloumi into every meal, and probably a cheeky Terry’s Chocolate Orange for those movie nights!
  • What are your hobbies? I love plants-I’m a big plant mum and my Monstera Deliciosa is my pride and joy, but I love them all equally! I also enjoy crocheting clothes and stuffed animals for myself and people I know whilst watching movies.
  • What is a fun fact about you? I can recite most of the periodic table in order by memory!