Christmas Challenge

Christmas Challenge

This month, rather than writing a blog about what we’ve been up to, or what’s new in education, I’m going to set you all a festive challenge! If you’re anything like me, there’s normally lots of food, drink and games around Christmas time.

This Christmas, I’m going to set you all a game to play. It can be done individually or in large groups, requires very little equipment and is a nice festive way to keep the brain working for both young and old children alike!

The word CHRISTMAS can be broken down into 8 different letters, each worth a specific number of points. For this example, we’ve chosen to give the points below to each letter.

C – 10 points
H – 20 points
R – 30 points
I – 40 points
S – 50 points
T – 60 points
M – 70 points
A – 80 points
S – 50 points (as above)

Now, the task is to find different words – using only the letters above which equal 100 points, 150 points and 200 points. For example, I could make the word ‘HIS’ which would be worth 110 points. Have a go and see which words you can make and what they add up to! Can you reach 100 points exactly? How close can you get?!

Ready for a challenge?!

A slight twist on the above game is to change the wording – you could also use words like ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Santa Claus’ with different points! In the example below we’ve used Santa Claus and we’re looking to make 15 points. Can you make it exactly? Are there different ways? How close can you get?

S – 5 points
A – 3 points
N – 2 points
T – 1 points
A – 3 points (see above)
C – 4 points
L – 6 points
A – 3 points (see above)
U – 7 points
S – 5 points (see above)

We’d love to know how you get on – please do email us with any comments or feedback and we hope you all have a lovely Christmas!