Essential Educational Apps and Sites for your Child!

As you might have noticed (you definitely have!), kids are all about their tablets and handheld devices. The days of jumping in muddy puddles and climbing trees sit fondly in most of our adult memories.

According to a study by YouGov, a mind-blowing 85% of children have access to a tablet in their family home, with 40% of those children having their very own tablet! We have come up with some solutions to assist in making some of that screen time productive and engaging!

We’re not saying that we’ve got a magic wand that can make your child choose Maths over Minecraft (although, that would be ideal), but we have researched and tried out some applications/websites that can help you and your child. We believe that learning should be fun and fulfilling for every child, and these spectacular sources have the Tutor In A Box seal of approval!


Oak Academy

Oak Academy might not be familiar to you, and there’s a reason for that! It is a relatively new addition to the academic world, created during the early days of the pandemic! 

Oak Academy is a free website that supports students from their early foundation years to Key Stage 4. Just create an account to gain access to their wide variety of subjects and topics with thousands of online lessons! Their unit quizzes are designed to identify gaps in your child’s knowledge in English, Maths, History, Science and Geography! Just a quick lesson can bridge the gap and help them shine, how clever! There are even Physical Education lessons, who knew you could have a P.E lesson whilst sitting at the computer? Madness!

While there currently isn’t an app for Oak Academy, you can access their website on most devices to download, print or simply watch lessons on your phone, tablet, or computer! 



We are sure you have at least heard of this app before, but if you have not, we’ll get you up to speed!  Duolingo is a free website and application specifically for learning or developing skills in different languages. 

This handy application is adaptable, as you can begin at any stage, whether you’re a newbie or a pro after you create an account! You can test your knowledge when you sign up so that you can start from what you already know, or from scratch. Duolingo has got your back, no matter if you’re a beginner or a language student, or doing it for fun!

Duolingo is also very interactive and adaptable; you can do 5 minutes a day of learning or as much as you’d like! You can also track your progress, complete goals, and make your way up the leader board! Duolingo is accessible through the website on any device, but if you wish to use the app, you can download it onto your phone or tablet via the App Store or Google Play Store.


BBC Bitesize

Many students probably know (or even regularly use) this practical and free website. With a wide range of subjects that cater to students from preschool up to post-16, this site is for students studying the English, Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh curriculum. Creating an account is not essential to make use of this splendid resource, but it’s always an option.

There are many exciting games, interactive guides and videos that you can access on BBC Bitesize. What makes this resource stand out to us, is that they support students, parents, and teachers! For parents, there are advice articles and fun activities for the whole family to partake in. For teachers, there are plenty of resources, including live lessons, for them to incorporate into their teaching.

There are many features to BBC Bitesize that you may have missed; their support page offers help with stressful situations that young people may experience, such as low self-esteem or moving schools, along with much more.

You can find the BBC Bitesize website linked above or you can download the app on both the App Store and Google Play Store.


That’s the end of our list, we hope these resources are useful to you and your child! Please let us know how you get on with these excellent tools by emailing  Feel free to share any other recommendations of similar educational apps and websites you’ve come across!