Group Tuition

We’ve just launched our new group tuition classes and we’re delighted to say they are going swimmingly! Initially, we had quite a few questions around how they worked compared to 1-1 tuition, so we figured it was a good time to write a blog all about them…

What are they?

Group Tuition comes in many different forms, but the basic idea is that rather than having one tutor to one student, there is one tutor to multiple students. There are many benefits (explained later) to this, including it being more affordable and students becoming more resilient.

What are the benefits?

There are loads of benefits to group tuition but rather than write pages about it, we’re going to explain the top three!

  • Students learn to self-study and build resilience – In class, students can be given the information they need and spoon-fed answers. We turn that idea on its head! In our group sessions, students are encouraged to work through questions and think about the answer. Since they don’t have a tutor constantly sitting next to them, they are encouraged to attempt the problems, and work through exercises themselves. This builds a level of resilience that is fundamental in life.
  • More affordable – Individual tuition can be expensive. To get a good tutor – someone who knows the curriculum, is fully DBS checked and provides a reliable and professional service can cost a fair bit. Group tuition allows a specialist tutor to work with a number of students, thereby splitting the time between others and making it more affordable whilst still getting the benefits of a tutor to help and support them.
  • Enjoyable, collaborative atmosphere – Humans are sociable beings! We like people and group tuition provides a great environment for nurturing collaboration. Group tuition allows students to interact with each other, learn from each other and understand different teaching styles and methods.

How does your group tuition work?

Our group tuition uses the award winning Tutor In A Box resources, with students working through the materials and tutors on hand to help, guide and support them. They follow a set curriculum, based on a different topic each month to ensure over the course of the year they complete everything they need according to the national curriculum. The sessions provide the perfect environment to learn and reach their full potential and are a more affordable option at just £100 per month (although we are discounting this to £75 a month for anyone who joins before the 15th February).

Can I try it out?

Of course! We’re always keen for people to see it for themselves so we offer a free trial session for anyone interested. Simply drop us an email ( and we’ll book you in!