How much does tuition cost?

How much is online tuition?

Apparently, this is one of the most searched for terms on the internet. How much does maths tuition cost? How much does GCSE maths tuition cost? How much does maths help cost? How much does online maths cost? These are all questions that are being searched for on a daily basis!

Well – the first thing we’re going to say is our online tuition starts at less than £1 a day. That’s less than the price of a bag of Doritos! So if you think that tuition is expensive, we’d ask you to rethink it.

(Side note – of course we like to think that we offer exceptional value and you’ve got all the info you need! In which case, sign up now!)

However, if you want to know more, do feel free to read on! Of course there are a variety of options – a lot depends on the type of tuition as well as where or how it’s delivered and in this blog we’ll talk you through the different prices.


1-1 vs Group

Whilst 1-1 has traditionally been very popular, group tuition can provide a more affordable alternative. With 1-1 tuition, it’s just the tutor and the student, whereas with group tuition there are multiple students at the same time. This means that rather than one student having to foot the entire bill for the lesson, the tutor’s cost is shared between multiple students, thereby making it less expensive.

Did you know we run group online lessons for less than £1 a day? Find out more here. 

1-1 Tuition

Some students need extra support. Whether it’s because they need to catch up on missed work, or they don’t feel comfortable in front of their peers, one size does not necessarily fit all. With 1-1 tuition the beauty is that the tutor can work at the pace of the individual student. Rather than having to go at a certain speed or cover a certain topic, the lesson can be very much student led.

Prices for tuition for 1-1 depend on how often you have tuition (is it weekly or fortnightly?) as well as who the tutor is (are they relatively new or are they experienced?). Prices also depend on things like whether they are registered and DBS checked. Is the safety of your child worth saving £5 a lesson for? Probably not. Of course, all our tutors are DBS checked to give you peace of mind.


What’s the real cost?

The really interesting question though, is what’s the real cost of not getting tuition? Is it your child failing their GCSE exam? Or is it them hating maths for the rest of their lives? Or is it them feeling like a failure when it comes to numbers?

Sure, tuition helps them master the knowledge, but here at Tutor In A Box a lot of our work is also around increasing their confidence – and making them realise they can do maths.


So then the question becomes can you afford not to have tuition?