Making Maths Merry!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Just like last year, we wish you a very Merry Christmas from everyone at Tutor In A Box. Now instead of a blog, we have decided to introduce our own game for some Maths fun over the holidays to ensure to keep minds going whilst having a good old time!

Our Merry Maths Hunt is a perfect spin on gifting your child a stocking for Christmas! The game is simple, requires very little preparation and makes maths merry!



All you need for this activity is some paper and a pen, Maths sums and a stocking. This game is great for those aged from primary to early secondary, but would be fun for the whole family! If more than one child is playing, be sure that they can both solve the Maths problem or that they have separate cards marked with their names that are suited to their ability.

Simply use our examples (these are at the end of our blog!), write the problems on the cards and hide them around the house. (These are for your child to find!) After that, all you need is a stocking full of little gifts! These could be chocolate coins, candy canes or small toys; anything you want!


How to play!

The aim of the game is to solve all of your pre-written sums, as each problem solved means your child gets one gift from their stocking! They will have to find each card with a problem written on it, as they are hidden around the house. 

They will continue until they have found and solved every problem and earn their entire stocking! Keep the stocking with you and award your child as they go!

We hope you try out and enjoy our little festive brain teaser!

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Finally, a massive Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us here at Tutor In A Box!