Subscription FAQs

How do Monthly Subscriptions work?

You can purchase Tutor In A Box at any time during the month – although please bear in mind any orders placed after the 20th of the month (i.e. on the 22nd, 24th or 29th etc) will not be shipped until the following month.

Any payment made before the 20th of the month, means you will receive your box in the first week of that month (we aim to get it you around the 1st).


  • You buy a monthly subscription box on the 18th June. Great news, you are in time for the 20th June so you get July’s box.
  • You decided on the 23rd January you’d like to subscribe. Unfortunately you’ve missed the 20th January deadline so you will receive next month’s box which is the March box. Can’t wait that long? Simply order a one off box or drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do!

You may cancel any time before the 20th. Please contact us for details.

How do Pre-paid Subscriptions work?

You can save time and money by ordering multiple boxes upfront, either 6 months or 12 months in advance. Payment is collected in one single payment in advance – so no having to worry about recurring payments!

There are no cut off dates for pre-paid subscriptions – as soon as you place your order you’ll get a box within the next few days. Note: you may be very lucky and this might mean you get two boxes within two weeks if you order towards the end of the month.


  • You buy a subscription on the 24th November, for example? Excellent stuff – we send you November’s box and then at the beginning of December we send you the latest new (December) box as well.
  • You buy a subscription on the 3rd November? Great stuff, you’ll get November’s box as your first one and then you’ll receive December’s box as normal!

"What is the live webinar training?"

Included in secondary subscriptions is¬†access to the LIVE monthly webinar and prerecorded videos¬†for additional support and guidance. This will give you the ultimate support for the month’s Tutor In A Box contents and virtual tutoring; you just need a computer/device and a decent internet connection! Using an online platform, you be able to watch the month’s training LIVE, ask questions, and speak directly to our Tutor In A Box tutor. Webinars take place on the second Tuesday of each month at 5pm. Details for the webinar (including log-in details and schedule) will be sent to the registered email address after ordering.