Woman Who – Winner of the Start Up Category

So yesterday was the ‘Woman Who’ solopreneur awards, held at The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club. It was an absolutely fantastic afternoon, with lots of very inspirational women sharing their own stories – and the cherry on top was me getting to take home my very own winners trophy and certificate!

The background to Woman Who is that the founder Sandra Garlick calls it her ‘accidental business’! She broke her ankle, and whilst on crutches, she started a network for women. Three years later and it has become a large network across the midlands that’s delivered in partnership with the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses). It includes both networking opportunities as well as awards.

The venue was lovely – and as expected, the room was decorated superbly. Entering the room, I remember thinking the atmosphere was buzzing! There were lots of wonderful women here who had achieved so much, yet were so happy to share their advice and chat over a glass of prosecco! It really was woman supporting woman.

There were incredible guest speakers – including Jude Jennison, Sally Davis, Holly Matthews and more, all sharing their stories, advice and backgrounds. I was in awe at how inspiring these women were and what they had achieved. One had gone from wanting to create their own gin, to having it stocked in Selfridges! Another had lost her husband at the age of 32, and was single-handedly raising two young children whilst still having a career. All of them had achieved so much, yet were still so down to earth, and true role models to the rest of us.

There were of course awards too (after all – that was one of the main parts of the event) and I was delighted to receive a trophy and certificate, with Tutor In A Box being named as the winner of the Start Up Category! It was an absolute honour to be presented with the award – even if I was a little surprised! Whilst most people had brought family, friends or other halves, I had gone on my own (so I did have to pop outside quickly afterwards and ring the parents and let them know the good news!) The network is such a supportive place, I honestly did not feel the need to bring a support network – everyone in the room was my supporter! Plus I thought the chances of winning were so slim! It was therefore a lovely surprise!

Other winners sat on my table were Suneta Bagri, Cultivate Coaching & Consultancy (if you’re a teacher make sure you check out Suneta’s ‘Every Teacher Matters’ network) and Lisa Whittleton, Illuminate VR Services Ltd. Both were awesome to chat to and I can’t wait to see where they both are this time next year.

You can find out more information about Woman Who at: https://womanwho.co.uk/