COVID-19: How we’re helping you – 15 mins

Children stuck at home and struggling with Maths?

We’d like to help you! Get expert advice from us for 15 minutes, free of charge.

Just because a child’s stuck at home, doesn’t mean they can’t learn. We want to ensure everyone has access to Maths help and support. Whether you’re a new or current student, you can book your complimentary 15 minute tuition using the links below:


Online tuition always has and will be an option for our students. We’ve created a guide to online tuition with useful information for people new to online tuition.

Download our Online Tuition Guide

As a reminder we have a suite of online resources available to all our students, including monthly calendars with answers and pre-recorded videos. Anyone who signs up for 15 minutes of tuition will automatically be registered for these materials. You can access them by logging into the Members Area on the website.