All about Amandine!

Amandine Tutor

We have so many fabulous tutors at Tutor In A Box and our Chief Learning Champion Amandine is no exception. In this blog, we thought we’d share a little more about her and how she got to where she is now!


How Amandine Became A Tutor

Where did Amandine develop her creativity and apply that to learning? With a degree in History of Art at the University of Warwick followed by an MA in the History of Art from the University of East Anglia, she started a career at the Arts Council England in various roles in Arts Funding and Policy!

After finding that her creative outlet was restricted in these administrative roles, Amandine decided that becoming a teacher was a step in the right direction for her and began the big switch in careers.

She earned a PGCE from the University of Exeter, making her a qualified teacher, where Amandine went on to teach Key Stage 2 students across a rich and broad curriculum for five years.

Amandine then decided that becoming a tutor was her calling as she found that she enjoyed 1-2-1 student development and creating strong bonds. She joined the Tutor In A Box team in September 2020 and hasn’t looked back.

As a Chief Learning Champion, she tutors students from primary to Key Stage 3 in English and Maths alongside other subjects (including GCSE French). She also looks after all our other lovely tutors, supporting them in everything they do. 


Amandine’s Past Struggles with Maths

You may be surprised to learn that Amandine struggled in Maths when she was a student. Despite getting good grades in school, she felt that she never had that lightbulb moment with Maths, until completing her Teacher Training.

Amandine was able to pass her Maths exams by using strategies that worked with her personal learning and memory style. Since Amandine is a very visual person, she was able to write down formulas and use problem-solving structures, so she could recall methods for solving problems.

Amandine’s techniques can be useful to others, as they relieve the pressure of holding all the information in your mind and utilise writing down and frequently reflecting on what you’ve learnt so far. Anyone can benefit from this strategy, pupils, parents and tutors alike!

Amandine admitted that because she struggled with Maths in the past, it has made her a better tutor as a result. Thanks to this, she is able to relate to the issues that her students may be experiencing and she can identify where the misunderstanding occurs and how to make learning applicable to her students.


Using Art for Learning

Amandine effortlessly marries her History of Art background with her English and Maths tuition! One way that she uses Art in her teachings is by using images to unlock her pupils’ learning potential! 

When talking to Amandine about this she said, “If you look at a picture, I might say to you ‘What do you think might be happening in this image?’. Asking open questions (where there is no right or wrong answer) is great, as one person may spot different aspects of the image than another person would.” 

This technique is great as there are no limitations of what a student can learn from the image. For example, if Amandine was tutoring a pupil in multiplication, she would use dogs instead of just numbers and ask the student to double the number of dogs, making an understanding in Maths more accessible. You can tell Amandine understands the importance of using visuals and applying this to her lessons, taking a different and effective approach to help her pupils perform better in their subjects!


Amandine’s View on Tuition

When asked the difference between being a school teacher and being a tutor, Amandine expressed that the line between is thin, yet paramount in the success of her teachings.

The key difference is the amount of attention a student will get from their tutor compared to the incredibly divided attention of a school teacher. A tutor will tailor the experience to every pupil and create a safe space for students to grow in confidence and their understanding of a subject. 

One of Amandine’s greatest achievements as a tutor is that she has many students whom she has supported for long periods of time, she has made a connection with her students and those bonds have lasted for years!

“I think that Tuition isn’t just for children who need to catch up on areas with a lack of understanding, as it’s so much more than that! Tutoring can be a great source of finding the enjoyment in education! There’s no reason why if a child is doing well in school, that they can’t benefit from tutoring too! It can be about challenging them to unseal a world of learning potential!”


Learn more about Amandine by reading her bio on our website here. If you’re interested in tuition with Amandine or any of our tutors, then get in touch here.