NTP – What is the National Tutoring Programme?

We’re all aware of how seriously pupils’ lives were impacted by the pandemic, with not only their education disrupted, but their wellbeing impacted as well. At Tutor In A Box, it’s our mission to provide support so students can achieve their full potential, and that includes working with them to address any gaps in learning and self-confidence that the pandemic may have caused. 

So what is the NTP?

The National Tutoring Programme, or NTP is a government-run scheme set up to redress the impact of the pandemic on pupils. Tutoring can boost progress by up to five months* so it can be an invaluable way to help pupils catch up after an eventful couple of years, or for those who need more tailored help outside of the classroom. And as an NTP-approved partner, we’re one of the organisations that makes this happen!

Unlike private tuition, it will be 60% government subsidised from September 2022, and organised through schools to be delivered to pupils who they feel need it most. There’s no cost to parents or carers!

So far the programme has been taking place for the 2020/21 and 2021/22 academic years. Based on the first year, the breadth of the programme has been increased, and the government is now funding six million 15-hour tutoring packages. But how is this delivered?


Academic mentors vs Tuition Partners

Tuition partners – like us! – are approved providers who have passed Tutoring Partner Quality Standards and safeguarding requirements. There are 13 quality standards that must be met, which include high quality tutors and tuition sessions, and an understanding of the needs of disadvantaged pupils.

Tuition partners work closely with schools to provide 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3 tuition. Schools can purchase subsidised blocks of tuition per pupil from an approved partner.

Some schools may alternatively use academic mentors. These are paid members of staff who work alongside teachers, employed directly by the school. They deliver support in small groups or one-to-one, exclusively with a specific school throughout the academic year.

The third approach is school-led tutoring, which gives flexibility for schools to use internal staff – such as teachers.


The main points to know 

1. Who benefits from NTP?

Students from Years 1 to 11 – or aged 5 to 16 – are eligible for NTP. Schools receive funding allocation to cover tuition for all Pupil Premium students. However, they are free to use this flexibly for other students if appropriate, or to use larger groups to offer tutoring to a greater number of students.

2. How long are students tutored for?

Schools can purchase blocks of 12 or 15 lessons for students, this varies by provider. For example, we offer 12 week blocks as this fits in better term-time for schools. Usually this entails at least one 1-hour lessons per week, but schools may also choose to deliver longer and more frequent courses where required. 

3. What subjects does it cover?

The NTP covers the core subjects – English, Maths and Science – as well as humanities and modern languages at secondary level. This means it can be invaluable in helping students to obtain the all-important English and Maths GCSEs to give them the best start to their future. At Tutor In A Box, we tutor English, Maths and Science at both primary and secondary.

4. Tutors are trained to deliver NTP

All tuition partners are required to ensure their tutors have appropriate training, so schools can be assured that their students are supported with experience and professionalism. At Tutor In A Box, many of our tutors are current or ex-teachers, and all have extensive experience and knowledge in their specialist subject.

5. Tutoring can take place in person and online

With the recent upsurge in remote learning and working, schools and pupils are better prepared than ever to access tutoring virtually, so this can be a convenient option to meet both pupils’ and tutors’ needs. Equally, in-person tutoring may be a personal and effective approach if possible – it all depends on the individual school, pupils and tutor. 

Tutor In A Box has specialised in online tutoring for many years, so we’re able to deliver a learning experience digitally that’s just as engaging as in person, while making the most of digital resources. And we tutor in person too!


As you can see, the NTP provides plenty of flexibility to meet the needs of every pupil. As an approved partner, we’re delighted to add our positive and fun ethos to the programme to allow students to fulfil their potentials, and keep this essential support going.


If you’re a school looking to start NTP with us or you want to find out more, you can fill in our contact form here, email info@tutorinabox.co.uk or call us on 01926 942 140.