What’s in the exam?

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You’re probably reading this because you’ve got a child at secondary school who is studying maths as part of the curriculum. When they get to year 11, before they leave school that final summer, most of them will have to take exams – and these are known as GCSE’s (which stands for General Certificate of […]

The Press Release is out …

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So for this blog, we’re mixing it up slightly! We’re going to share with you the recent press release we’ve sent out to newspapers, magazines and similar (both nationally and locally). Keep your eyes open for us – we’ll soon be appearing in print in some magazines and papers!   CHALMERS NEWS PR PRESS RELEASE […]

Where’s the Maths?

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Some people reckon maths is only used in a classroom. I am a strong advocate of educatingpeople about where maths can be used outside the classroom and in real life; so this latest blog isdedicating to explaining some of the everyday topics where maths is used! 1. In the supermarket – So this one may […]

What’s in the Box? A Calendar!

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Every month, Tutor In A Box includes a monthly calendar with different Maths challenges to complete each day. The A3 calendar is designed to be stuck on the fridge or on the back of a student’s bedroom door, and encourages the ‘little and often’ mentality of learning that is so crucial for cementing topics and […]

Past Papers – They’re like gold

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Past Papers – They’re like gold I’m a big fan of past papers. For revision, they’re like gold. Although there is a caveat – unless you have seen bronze or silver you probably don’t appreciate the gold as much… By this I mean we need to make sure students are ready for them. If they […]

It’s all about the grades.

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Now that is something you won’t hear me say very often! Tutor In A Box subscription boxes are designed to be fun, engaging and interactive. They are a no pressure, non-competitive activity where grades are not important. HOWEVER, since starting the box (and tutoring – you can see more about that on my tutoring website) […]